Stage Fright

( Missing my brother)

I put on the smile,
The mask that hides
What’s inside my sad heart.

 I stand on Life’s stage
 And try hard to pretend
That I  comprehend.

The spotlight shines on me
While people wait for my act.
They  try hard to see if
 My mask will crack.

I start my dance
A sad clown with stage fright,
Prancing across  Life’s theater, caged.

Like a puppet with no will of my own
 Under the puppeteer’s guidance
I’m a costume fool
 With a hypnotic cadence.

So familiar, the sweet song of Life
But  it cuts like a knife.
When his song is now gone.

They say the show must go on
Yet how can I perform
Through this storm.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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