Trifecta: Week 108/ What If.....Father

Welcome to another Trifecta Writing Challenge. I wrote a 198 words spoken word piece for the prompt word Father, that I hope you will enjoy.

1a : a man who has begotten a child; also : sire
  b capitalized (1) : god 1 (2) : the first person of the Trinity
2: forefather

 What if.....Father!
What if I didn’t have your eyes,
Your face, that smile,
Would I still have been despised?

What if my smile didn’t
Beam so bright,
At the sight of you
The only man in my life?

If I was born a boy,
Would  you have left me
 Hungry on the kitchen floor?

That hand I saw raised against a woman,
Who cooked, and cleaned, and slaved,
 to maintain a home, and  a love, 
she never had as a daughter.
Scarred me for life.

So why did  these brown eyes,
Shine with unshed tears,
Because you forgot a promise, yet again?

What if I was one of your demons, 
Trapped  inside  the  bends,
Even bet, I wouldn’t have been ignored then.

That one time you finally came around
looking for acculades  from your daughter
Smelling of stale cigarettes, booze, and cheap sex
And you wondered why  I stared you down?
Man, I didn’t need  your hand- me-downs.

Yeah, I ignore the drunk on the corner
Begging for a dollar from a daughter
 He didn’t even recognize?

What if, before you died,
You tried to acknowledge
You weren’t the father
 This daughter, should have had?

Perhaps then I wouldn’t
  Indulge in
Judging every man,

By the sins of my father.

Thank you....Trifecta Challenge

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. I'm so sorry. You didn't need someone like that. Although men like that are usually sexists, I doubt that it would have made that much difference if you had been a boy.

  2. Emotive write.
    I especially liked the last stanza.

  3. Wow! Very powerful, heart-wrenching piece.

  4. This packs a punch and is full of great lines. My favourite is: "Wondered why I stared you down/Man, I didn't need your hand-me-downs" Love the power in this and the internal rhyme, as well as the perfectly placed word 'man'. Great stuff. Thanks for linking up and don't forget to vote! It's still open!


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