This compilation of short stories has the human condition on display. These five stories will bring you to tears, will enrage you, will make you cheer and have you wanting to hug those you hold dear more closely. If you enjoy reading stories with real life issues and unpredictable endings then these will whet your appetite and leave you wanting more.


Michele Smith is not the same little girl who felt like an outcast in her family. She’s a smart, successful woman who has made her own family circle. She had it all until one day when her world turned upside down. 

The unexpected death of her only child sent Michele wheeling down the dark path of grief. She finds herself struggling with despondence while wallowing deeper inside her despair with the announcement that her husband wants a divorce When her mother Ruth forces Michele to attend the yearly Family reunion it only exacerbates her feelings of loneliness and deepens her misery.

But it’s actually here among kinfolk that Michele will have her eyes opened to what family truly means. In her search for solitude, what Michele finds instead is something she never thought she would receive, forgiveness.

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After burying her father Neil, Zahila Richardson  sets off to the small town of Salem Tennessee to play in the town’s yearly Poker tournament. She's come to flush out her father’s killer, but in order to find clues to uncover a murderer, Zahila must reacquaint herself with childhood friends she lost contact with for nearly twenty years.
After her first win at the tournament, Zahila soon meets  a dark charismatic figure from her past.  Grant Toussaint was a childhood friend and her first lover. He’s been living in the quiet town, hiding from his past, in peace and would like to keep it that way. But Grant soon becomes convinced that Zahila is in mortal danger. Although Zahila denies his claims, Grant knows what he knows.   He plans to protect her at any cost, even if he has to reveal his own deep dark secrets.