Thin Air

Silent whispers
drift on a breeze
Remembered daydreams   
 You're everywhere and nowhere

Again I climb
 this mountain of fears for love,
against turbulent winds

Blinded to its trappings I ascend, beyond the cairns
 of my brokeness

Believing my heart 
will mend as I transcend
scorn and pain

Yet, every memory 
of every embrace
and heartache
corrupts the atmosphere

I falter

The air is thin 
where love is denser 

 My every breath is filled 
with the essence of  you
It's choking the life out of me

Copyrights © 2015 Glynis Rankin

Safe Harbor

The fog rolled in like the tail end of Miss Havisham's dress, chocking the harbor in a grey mist, chilling the night’s air. Michael stood on the deck of the ferry staring in awe at the creeping cloud. Although strong drink stole his balance and slurred his speech, Michael's a man of the sea. His skills were sure and his vision sharp as he navigated the Cape.  A man both gifted and cursed, like his forefathers, he saw what rose from the fog each night.  The Leusden ran aground in 1738, yet her crew still searches for their safe harbor.

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 © Glynis Rankin

Sin Offering

 The shimmering tide shadow dances with the late April wind. While a halo surrounds the setting sun in a milky veil within the monochromatic skies. I stood alone on the beach on this late afternoon,  barefoot in the cooling sand, as my thoughts consume me. The sea, she beckons me with her rhythmic motion to feel her icy touch. So I wander in hip deep as a piece of driftwood passes, mocking my sin offering.

 © Glynis Rankin