About Author

   Glynis Rankin is a native Southerner and  self proclaimed daydreamer. She writes stories from an empathetic view that hovers on the fringe of reality, giving insight into humanity while offering the reader a new perspective into their daily lives.

She is a 2013 Pushcart nominee and the author of two inspirational fictions:  Linger and other short stories and The Between. She has two soon to be released book, a psychological thriller Mental and a Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Believe.  

Glynis enjoys the great outdoors. It's that spiritual connection with nature that revitalizes her soul. She resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her family.

"She writes the unbelievable because the unbelievable exists."

Thoughts on Writing
I believe writers have an avenue to touch others in  ways that few other artists can. A writer can inspire a generation to act, changing the world. The writer's words allow the mind to envision the scene, something  a sculpture can't  or a painter and certainly not a  musician. Words are the creative tools of any writer. Its with this blog that  I hope to inspire with my words, while I  talk about my continuing struggle to become a published author. The trials of my daily writings and hopefully my passion for learning this art form.

Some day I hope to have a few of my books published, until then, this site is my way of vocalizing the continuing struggle toward that goal. I hope that, with the help of others with my passion, that desire will be achieved. So, enjoy my rantings and let me know if you think I've got a shot at getting published.

Why Imaginings
Blogging my thoughts have allowed me to express myself, while I pursue my dreams of publication. Since I'm in between a finished novel, sending  letters to publishers, editing  stories, writing notes for another novel  and awaiting whole wide fame, I'm blogging.   Imaginings is my place to daydream and fly free.