Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 2/ A Gift for the Season

Flash! Friday is a weekly micro-fiction writing challenge. They allow for 150 (take or give a certain amount) for their prompt word. They even give you a picture to start you off, like they've done this week.
I listen to NPR radio and heard this week how many children have died during this war in Syria and I was disheartened. So much so that I have used it for  my contribution this week. I hope you will enjoy.

 A Gift for the Season

“They are like ants fleeing the colony after someone stirred the nest!” one soldier said to his comrades. “Look at them, mindless useless ants crossing our borders seeking refuge!”

“They have already taken jobs from our countrymen!” another added. “They come to take and gave nothing back.”

Three soldiers stood watch at this checkpoint as the depressed and deprived traced across the snow in droves. The third knew that most had been walking for days. He saw first hand what war can do to families and communities. He knew that look in many of their eyes whose families were torn apart by this war.

 What he couldn’t stand was the light lost in the children’s eyes. So before his shift he took the time to make a snowman.  It brought him great joy to see each and every child smile at his gesture of love. A gift for the season.     

Thank you .....Flash! Friday

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