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If you have used Google search lately you’ve probably noticed they have gone social. In a recent Hypebot article they explained why. In a nut shell the search engine is using social media in its results rankings.   That is great news for content creators like Authors/bloggers.   

Since Google dominates search platform they shape its process. That means Authors should be using Google+  as the optimal social platform tool for marketing. It's the perfect instrument for the Author.

4 Reasons To Get Google +

1)      Powered by Google+ YouTube
I know you’ve seen this around, but what does it means. Simply put your Google+ account signs you into different sites like YouTube fast. No need to fill out those forms, just hit Google+ and you’re in.  It will soon be require in order to add comments on YouTube and about videos shared on Google+  Learn more about the system here.  So if you have book trailers this can only improve your marketing by pushing comments by your Google+ circle  up the ranking chain.

2)      Google Authorship
 If you don’t know about this you’re missing out. You know how when you Google something and an author’s picture, blog or byline shows up on the right. Well that’s Google Authorship.  This tool helps Google display all your online content and helps your search ranking.   If you are an author/ blogger your blog articles will appear in search results right next to your picture.  This is a wonderful marketing tool for bring new traffic to your blog or websites.   

3)      Keywords are going the way of the Dinosaur
          Well not really but they are becoming a bit less key to the Google-verse. Google wants to move away from keywords in SEO, analytics results and other tricks to move toward engagement, quality content, and honest navigation.  This change is beneficial to the content driven  Author blogger.

4)      Change has Come
 How many can truly say they understood SEO and analytics, what we do know is good content. As keywords begin to play less of a role, social   interaction with content will become more important.   Embracing what comes naturally to those providing good content is also what’s best their readership and those who visit their sites. Google will be looking for engaging content through social site like Facebook and Twitter but also Google+ .  So  this improves your presence in the Google-verse thus your ranking in searches.

  Authors’ main goal is getting our names and titles out there to potential readers and fans. We need to make sure we have a broad but manageable social media presence. Just having a website/blog isn’t enough in this new social media market we must do more.  Google+, especially Authorship, is an obvious tool to advance the Author and one that I hope you will add to your arsenal of marketing tools. 

Please go read the full Hypebot article for yourself and let me know your experience with promoting on Google+

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