Trifecta: Week One Hundred/ Partners

 Welcome Trifectains and friends!
This Weeks word is Phantom. My contribution is a 33 word Flash called Partners.
I hope you will enjoy!

This week's word is phantom.
Disoriented, the constant drip of water woke me from my slumber. Its melodic patter the only sound I heard.   I sat in a wooden chair with a tall back and arm rests as the feeling of vastness engulfed me. The smell of rust and mildew filled my nostrils while the metallic taste of my blood trickled down my throat. The stale rag across my mouth caused me to gag; cutting my lips and made my jaw throb with pain. I couldn’t see because my head was covered or move, my limbs restrained. My world was darkness, motionless vulnerability. The unknown filled every sense with dread, choked me in unimagined terrors. I knew I was dead, if I couldn’t escape this place.

I suddenly heard footsteps in the distance and my heart contracted as I grabbed the armrest. The sound grew louder and closer with every jiggered breathe.  

“Time to wake up Irene,” he said standing over me, the phantom of my fear. When he removed the hood from my head I was blind for a few moments.  When my sight came, his handsome face glared into mine and for the first time I saw who he really was. His eyes sparkled with madness. “Time to play partner.”

“I’m game,” I said with a smirk. My hand came up so fast that he didn’t have time to react. My right nailed him right on the sweet spot, knocking him out cold. Then I removed my restraints and stood. 

Although I couldn’t see, I could feel the looseness of my binding. My partner kept me waiting which prove to be his undoing and my means of escape. We had killed many women using a particular binding, so my partner decided to use a different one with me. Unfortunately for him they weren’t as secure and over time and a layer of skin I had worked one hand free.  

I looked down on my partner with the serrated knife, smiling. “It’s my time to play partner.”

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  1. Ack! I was all ready to cheer for the narrator's escape - until I read what they had done together! Creeeepy!

    1. Thanks for the lovely ACK!
      Just what I was going for

      Thank you Trudgingthroughfog

  2. Ew. I don't know if I'm happy about the escape or not. The true happy ending would be they both end up dead :)

    1. I agree that would be the best for everyone.

      Thanks Janna

  3. Wickedly chilling. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Never mess with a woman,lol!Loved the way she turned the tables on him:-)


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