Inheritence Chapter 2


Inheritance  An Abraham Seed Novel
Genre: Paranormal Suspense
Chapter 2/Page 23

The random and unpredictable behavior of the three Blight agents, he’s been following for the past two weeks, was just about to make sense to Grant. He sat with his eyes closed in the small room , isolated from any sound and little light. He’s been going over in his mind the highly sensitive material laid out in front of him. Comparing  irregularities in the system, the population  dynamics in the targeted areas, the movements of different groups, and clusters of certain parties, transportation dynamics and many other factors have convinced Grant that he was on the verge of cracking what they are up too.

 The  agents are in different parts of the country, during seemingly ordinary things, completely  different things, but Grant begins to see the uniformed pattern of their behavior.  As the model begins to take shape in angles and lines in his mind; a pattern of destruction and pain starts to evolve. A pattern, that suddenly averts from him in a jumble mixture of senses and sensations.

Frustrated, Grant opens his eyes unable to think clearly. He was suddenly jacked, his natural senses were flooding  his paranormal  sense. He  needed to get back to the patterns, the angles.  He tried, but he was unable to focus on the  simplest  exercise  to aid his  concentration. Grant pushes the chair back scraping it against the wooden floor as he stands.

“ The Damn!”

He was right on the verge of clarity, just about to see the whole ugly pattern when HER essences, the very phantom of her textured scent woofed across his five natural senses. It was  like someone had slapped him across the face, but using every part of their being.  Grant licks his lips and closes his eyes, releasing a deep moan as though he could taste Zahila’s sweet essence  in his mouth.

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