He Played Me

                                                                  Marion Meadows
The place was crowded as glasses tinkled
With the noise of dialogue that muffled in my ears
Smoke streamed in waves as he walked out on stage

 I looked, he stared, this man of jive smiled
As he rigmarole among empty chairs
To place his tackle, he removed his instrument
A black beauty she was long and sleek
 Licking her up, all warm and tender
He kept his eyes on me

An olde school player with his paraphernalia
He took the mick with flimflam flair,
  Pulling their attention, hushing the cackle
announced that he was there
with a soulful note
That brought me to life
With extreme delight

He played it sweetly
The melody of my loins,
Which stroked me tenderly
In the key of my secrecy
 Held me enthralled
With his fingers of agility

He played soft and slow
 easy and mellow
inside the  serenade of my heart
We struck an accord
I was his instrument,
in my mind’s eye,
the moment his lips touched mine
 tested me, licking our connection
I became the tool of his trade

As he began to play
 fondling me gently,
His warm breath across my neck
soothed the rough edges
Gentle fingers walked over my back
waking desires pathways
he struck a tone deep
the vibration of it
within my many folds

The instrument of his desire
I performed in the key of G
Enacted what he channeled

His sexual conduit
  he stroked me from without
play me from within
sending trembles
making me sing
 the siren song

He played me sweetly
To the crowd's delight
And when he finished
He took a bow
 He left the stage
Leaving me wet and spent
his hanging instrument

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin