I Flew


I flew last night
My soul taking flight
From an outstretched hand
Of this earthbound vessel

Like a cannery eager
To see a world beyond me
I flew away with open glee

Horizon cresting
Oranges meeting yellows
Stories enfolded
In faces and places
My soul saw wonders too vast to behold

Despite Dark Spirits descending
Like vultures of prey, Light’s simplicity
Held supreme in the heart of those in the trenches

I flew yet higher, to the stars I soared
Listening to the harmonious song
Of planetary message

I hovered in repose, vibrating I met
Their siren call of infinite
Beyond my simple soul

Entwined in black like blues
Creation enchanted
In an array of hues

I heard humanities voice
“We are still learning.”
Within enlighten’s dance

I stargated through the eons
Became light and knowledge
Reborn without the wound

Communed with brother Spirit
Spoke about my journey
Understood life’s mission
Its purpose, my vocation

Bathed in  Divine  awareness, wanting to stay
In its presence, yet purpose
Demanded return

Amidst the next breath
Fully aware of my flight
my soul and body...united

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin