Tom Cruise ain't Jack Reacher

Let me first preface my post title with I don't have anything against Tom Cruise. Regardless of his religious affiliations or his beliefs, he is good actor. Hey, we all have our issues, I think he's good at what he does. Is he my favorite actor, absolutely not, but he is a good actor. He did a fair job with the classic spy thriller Mission Impossible. Which was one of my all time favorite sixties show, Even in those movies, he wasn't the tall handsome Peter Graves. While he didn't portray the character Peter Graves did in the TV show,  he made a convincing spy all the same and I supported his movies, for the most part because of my love of the show, not his acting abilities.

 Hey,I've made my peace with Cruise's acting long ago, so let me state my case as to why Tom should not play Jack Reacher. Yes, there are other reasons besides his acting. 

As most of you know, I'm new to reading and writing. I came to know about Jack Reacher through my cousin, Sabrina about two years ago. She told me that if I like thrillers, which I do, I should check out Lee Child's Jack Reacher series. Now, I have to tell you I wasn't into the blonde blue eyed type in my youth but I changed my tune fast after she let me read the first book in the series called The Killing Floor.

Who is Jack Reacher?
The stories are centered around a man that  is an ex-military police major that was under a special unit called 110 Special Investigation unit.It was formed to handle exceptionally tough cases, those involving the elite forces like the United States Army Special Forces.  
Jack is now a drifter, his only possessions are a foldable toothbrush  some cash, an expired passport ( since 9/11) and ATM debit card to draw money from his pension. He drifts because all the time he spent in the army from childhood to adulthood, he never got to spend time in the country he swore to protect
. Reacher experience in the military, skills at varies types of martial arts, knowledge( fascination with mathematics) and strength ( he has abnormally fast reflexes) aids him in fighting and deductive reasoning. He's stoic, preferring the other party to fill in the silence and cool-headed and rarely becomes he visibly show angry. He not all super-man, he has a mild case of agoraphobia ( he fears crowds) and he always knows what time of day it is, with his internal clock.

The Tell of the Tape
I'm a big fan of boxing. I have a brother who boxed for the Navy, so I know a little of what I speak.
Tom Cruise is no Jack Reacher. Let's see them side by side.
Tom Cruise                                               Jack Reacher
Height: 5'5'( probably with lifters)                6'5" 
Weight: 150 ( wet)                                     250lbs (that's linebacker weight)
Hair: Black                                                 Dirty Blonde
Facial Hair: Clean shaven ( can it even grow)     unshaven
Complexion: Pale as a ghost                          Tan
Jack is an unstoppable force, according to his writer Lee Child.
So which would you want protecting you in a dark alley?

In all fairness, I saw the trailer of this film and it was fair, like all of Mr. Cruise's films. If  you are not a die-heart fan of the Reacher series, like myself, you might like Cruise rendition.  Cruise could probable play Jack's mini-me. But, then again, Jack is a loner that travels the country with just a back-pack, not someone trying to take over the world.

For me, Tom Cruise ain't Jack Reacher. I could not seat and watch him being betrayed by an inferior actor at best, and a poor representation of a one of a kind, non Hollywood mainstream character, at worst. I will not waste my time or money on this movie. Besides, the books are always best. ;)

You can watch the video on my Facebook page or if you want to know more about the Jack Reacher series check out  Lee Child  official page. 
I'm on #17 A Wanted Man released this year by the way.