Can you Believe?

 I'm in the process of editing my book of short stories called the Between. The stories are based on how individuals handle lost and where that emotional displacement takes them.  Yet, this little thriller has been on my mind for a few months so I decided to take a hiatus from the weight of the Between, to take on a short thriller.

I'm a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock and his talent to weave a story that has you seating on the edge of your seat. He was a pioneer of the classic suspense and psychological thriller. He coined phases like, "Give them pleasure, the same pleasure they get from waking up from a nightmare- Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.- I am to provide the audience with beneficial shocks." 

 This week, the movie Hitchcock will premiere. The movie will center around the love affair of the director producer and his wife and what it took for them to bring us the cult classic PSYCHO. 

Like I said earlier, I'm a fan of the master of suspense, and in no way, do I  posses an ounce of his talent.
Yet,  the thriller genre fascinates me. To write a story that keeps a reader on the edge of their seat while building the tension throughout which will eventually lead to a higher stressful climax.  It takes talent.

My take on the Thriller genre, they are something of a tease to entice the imagination.  I hope you will enjoy this and Believe.

The Blurb:
Someone killed Sara's foster parents. She was the only witness to the gruesome crime. She told her story to the police when they arrived and then her child advocate at the station. Yet, they didn't believe her unbelievable story. All Sara wanted was for someone to believe. Will you believe?