For the price of a Kindle

Family Gifts
This year my family and I have been blessed. My large family, eight siblings with children and grandchildren of their own, yet we are close. When some of us were unfortunate to maintain a job in this economic down turn, we as a family like others around the world, pooled our resources to aid those who couldn't maintain homes, cars, or to just have some money in there pockets. No one gave a huge amount, it was always a collection of giving that help someone through to the next month. Now that most of us are back on our feet and the economic situation is getting better we feel that we can return to our holiday tradition of gift giving.

Our family is so large that we often settle for pulling names as a way to help cut down on the expense of Christmas. However, this year I decided I would give gifts to every member of my family. No, I'm not rich, but I found a way to stretch  my dollar so that each member of my family will feel bless and thankful this holiday season. When I told my niece I was going to buy her a Christmas gift this year, she was so excited. She told me, with her eyes sparkling with Christmas joy, that she wanted a Kindle Fire. I laughed and said, how about a goat.

A Gift of Blessings
For the price much less than the Kindle Fire, I could send the money to Women for Women International in their name to buy a goat for a woman in Bosnia, South Sudan, Iraq, etc. to provide for herself and her family. She could send her children, daughters, to school on the money she will make from selling her cheese at the local market and use the methane from the goat waste to light her home at night.  How about baby chicks, they can be raised to lay eggs that can be sold to the local market. Bakery kits for a woman in Afghanistan, carpentry set in Kosovo, and the list goes on and on.  

Women for Women is a nonprofit organization that provides  women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflict with tools and resources to move from crisis and poverty to stability and self-sufficiency, thereby promoting viable civil socialites. As you are aware, women and children suffer the most in these war-torn countries. Most lack food, clothing, fresh drinking water, descent housing and most importantly education.  The volunteers at Women to Women help women who have been socially excluded in eight countries where war and conflict has devastated their lives and communities to learn job skills and receive business training so they can earn a living. The women come to understand their rights in their homes, communities and nation.  They eventually become leaders within those homes, communities and nation thus changing the landscape of their country.  

As I said, I'm not rich, but for price of a Kindle I can give my family the gift of blessing someone this Holiday Season. By the way, my niece decided her gift should be named Mary.   Shush, don't tell her but I decided to give her a Kindle anyway.                          

For more information about Women for Women International follow the linkWomen for Women
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