Scribe's Cave Picture Prompt#50 / Igor's Monster

Scibe's Cave Picture Prompt is a flash fiction challenge. The world limit is 50-200 words. This week's challenge is the picture below.

   I stood in awe of nature’s display as light and fire illuminated the laboratory and thunder rattled the glass.
“Bring him down, Igor,” my master yelled over the clamor.
  I obeyed, grabbing the chain pulley. The steel bit into my flesh, as  the large table descended  from the rafters with lightning bolts.   
 Excitement and apprehension, radiated off my master. After all, he’s trying to recreate life.

Anchoring my deformed body against the weight, I managed to settle the table with ease.  
While I waited in the shadows, my master listened for signs of life.
 “No!” He  threw the stethoscope across the room.
  I remained cloaked, afraid of becoming the bloody consequence of his failure. Instead, he said, walking away,“ Clean this up!”

The creature was a man in proportion, his feature beautiful, if you consider yellow, shriveled skin, and black lips, beauty.  Yet, I wanted him to gain life.

  I tinker with devices other than doctoring.  Perhaps, I thought, touching my tools.  Hours later, the task complete, I heaved the creature to his perch, allowing nature to do what man could not.

When the table returned, I saw the blinking of his dun-white, watery eyes. 

“It’s alive!”  I ran to get the master.   

204 words

 I hope you've enjoyed my story and if you are so incline join the fun!

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. I like the idea you have used Glynis, creation of the monster is always a good one to play with. Well done.


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