100WCGU/The Trek

100WCGU is is a weekly challenge for those who are over 16 and enjoy challenging themselves with writing.You have 100 words (or the number that have been set for that week) plus the prompt to write a creative piece. I hope you enjoy my story this week.  

The sun shone brightly as we wandered through the forest in the cold. The only sound was the cracking, of our footsteps, as we trod through virgin snow.
 “How much further?” I asked excited.
“Just a bit.”
 The warmth of Calvin’s hand warmed mine, as we trekked through wilderness.
 He woke me early saying he had a surprise for me.
 “What is it?”
“You’ll see, but first get dressed.”
   He led me to a clearing where mistletoe filled the trees. “Oh, they’re beautiful!”
  Those special berries gave us a unique Kissing Bunch, but Calvin made it special when he proposed.  

Thank you
I hoped you enjoyed my 100 words. Check out other 100 word stories here, or share yours.

Copyright © 2014 Glynis Rankin

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