Picture it & Write/The Rings of Transcendence

Picture it & Write is a creative writing exercise. Each week the ladies challenge writers to write a paragraph of fiction to accompany an image. The picture belongs to Diamblond. This is my contribution to the prompt.

Resin stacking rings by daimblond

Shaman '4Fearthers' stood before us, a shining light of wisdom. “The teachings of my people have brought us here to this place of change. It's with a heavy heart that I ask the Ascended Masters to choose who will receive a ring.”

I looked down the single row at the five apprentices. For years we were a family, exploring our souls in the company of 4Feathers, our Spirit teacher. We learned how to journey into the lower and upper ‘Spirit Worlds’, met our power animals, plant allies and spirit guides.  Found beauty, peace, and the ability to heal others and the World while working with the chakras, colors and aura.  We even develop our seven non-physical senses to retrieve power lost through the ages.

 Initiated by the Spirit, we were strangers who grew and blossomed as human beings and bonded as sisters. Now we’re at odds, each desiring one of three rings of Transcendence.

 I felt the growing tension in a place of peace. This wasn't right, we should all have a ring.  I stepped out of the line to the gasps of my sister's.

 "Master, I choose for them."  I said and walked away.

 A warm breeze cooled my skin as I sat under an aged oak feeling relieved of a burden I didn't know I owned. I closed my eyes, using Shamanic journeying, I explored the vortex of my future. 

I saw myself adrift in the world, a spirit in the land of the living.

When I opened my eyes, 4feather stood before me. His gray eyes stared into mine, smiling, as the weight of a ring rested firmly on my finger. 

"What is this," I asked, confused.

"They have accepted your sacrifice  daughter."

Copyright © 2014 Glynis Rankin


  1. Sometimes we don't deserve things until we relinquish our desire for them. Nice little tale!

    - Ermisenda

  2. Excellent tale of the variability of outcome exploited superbly~


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