Trifextra: Week Ninety-Six / Beard

Welcome Trifectans, friends and visitors this weekend the lovely people over at Trifextra gave us a break because of the holiday. They are asking for just 33-words Free Write. You might not know that this is a picture of the soulful singer Teddy Pendergrass. I found him very attractive with his trademark beard and I love a man that wears one, but lets face it. There are some men that just can't carry it off.  I have a few relatives with this issue thus  my 33 words that I don't have a name for, but I will just say Beard.

“It’s time!”
“It’s not spring yet.”
  “I just saw the first spring flowers.”
“Already?” He looked out and he knew it was over. “One more week?”
 “It’s time for that beard to go!

Thank you...

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. Ha! I had a fun conversation with one of my brothers and his wife about his attempt to grow a beard. I liked it, she didn't. This was fun to read, Glynis!

  2. Ohhh. Love Teddy Pendergrass!

  3. Haha, so relatable. I've got a friend who thinks he can pull off a Wolverine.

  4. haha this is great, and that picture...! So handsome.

  5. Love your stuff :-)

    Just wait until they start maturing in age and decide it's time to dye it. Strains of "You're So Vain" start playing in the background of my mind .

  6. Some folks definitely rock the beard and he is one of them (shame your character isn't!) Thanks for sharing and don't forget to vote!


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