Picture it & Write/ The Price of Freedom

Picture it & Write is a creative writing exercise that invites people to join in with their paragraph of fiction to accompany the picture prompt. It can be a story or a poem, but write how you are inspired.

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The sky had turned a lovely orange tint as the sun’s slow trek made the dark room take on an eerie color. Lydia fought back her panic as the smell of mold and mildew stole her breathRobear had asked her to come down to the basement. She took the spiral stairs instead of the ladder he offered.  She saw the worn step in time before it caused her to fall and easily avoided the pitfall.  His ruse botched Robear had no other choice, he grabbed her in his rage. “You’re too independent for your own good,” he sneered. She scratched and clawed until she broke free. They fell to the ground. She thought he would finish what he started, but saw he had broken his neck on the last rung of the ladder.  Lydia wondered now, as she stared at the evening sky, had she still lived in India would she have defiled her brother's rule.  

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