Liquid Motion

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This week I'm pressed for time, so I'm combining two challenges, Trifecta: Week 112  and Picture it & Write.  The Picture this week is a lovely one from Grégoire A Meyer and the Trifeca word is FUNK (noun)
1 a :  a state of paralyzing fear
   b :  a depressed state of mind
2 :  one that funks :  COWARD
3 :  SLUMP   

My  112 word story was inspired by a little movie I saw this weekend called Frozen. My story is called Liquid Motion.
by Grégoire A Meyer

 Crystal ice was her world. She lived in a beautiful hexagonal castle of dendritic crystals, and diamond dust. Once her winter wonderland, but now her stagnant prison.

Every night she dreamt of movement that flowed with energetic life, yet each morning she reigned over a harsh stillness that she detested.

 A deep funk stole her energy, sending the Princess to her crystalline bed. She grew weaker and more despondent with the passing of each lonely day until finally one night she just fell away.

The crystal castle’s growth pattern changed into crystal capped columns around her.  Frozen, yet the Princess was free from her crystal entrapment, as liquid motion inside her dreams.

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Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin


  1. Lovely descriptions - Have yet to see that movie. Now I really want to!

    1. It was a lovely movie, this is just my take on what would've been, if?
      Thank you Kelly!

  2. Very nice visuals. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie, and just by your story it sounds even better. :)

    1. Why thank you so much Chyina, I'm sure you will enjoy it a lot, my version aside, this was a lovely story.
      I love your name by the way!

  3. Wonderful imagery.

  4. An imaginative and lovely read


    Ally :)

  5. ooh really dig the descriptions here. and now, all I hear in my head is... LET IT GO (doesn't help that my 4yo is addicted to the music).

    1. I had that song in my head for days after I saw the movie! So I feel you there! Loved it , but enough is enough!
      Thanks for the great comment!

  6. Vivid imagery, Glynis, I felt the frozen words :). Great entry as always, dear!

  7. Very eloquent descriptions! You painted quite a picture, even if it was a bit sad.

  8. Great tale of imprisonment and release. Love her just falling away.


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