Flash! Friday/ Poachers

Welcome Flash!Friday micro-fictioneers! This is my 150 word story, I hope you will enjoy....


“There’s poachers stealing from the nets.” I told my son, “ keep an eye on the other lines while I’m gone.”
He giggled taking the ship’s wheel. Only ten, he was skilled enough to handle himself. I took my rifle and the skip, heading to my lines. "Stealing from our lines, well I plan to stop it."  Fishing provided my family's livelihood. I couldn’t afford  someone stealing, no fishermen could.

  I saw the thieves boat and cocked the rifle. When I got closer I saw the old man and a little girl. They were pulling a fish from my net. I slowed the skip to float up to them, seeing they were down on their luck.   The old man looked at my rifle as the little girl moved closer to him. She reminded me of my own boy.   “Take what you can,” I said, before heading back to my son.

Thank you.....Flash! Friday

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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