Flashback Thrusday/ Ironside the Reboot

Last night was the debut of Blair  Underwood's remake of Ironside. The classic '60s and '70s detective drama starring Raymond Burr ( Perry Mason)  as the tough wheelchair-bound captain, Robert T. Ironside that ran for nearly 200 episodes with impressive ratings.
Underwood has decided to take on the paraplegic detective this fall but "this is not your mama's 'Ironside.  He is a detective in a wheelchair from a gunshot wound, but other than that everything else has been imagined, Underwood claims. 
I saw the original in reruns and  this new reboot version last night. I'm a fan of Underwood and thought I was going to miss this hunky actor's sexy swagger.  I wasn't disappointed though, Underwood brought his A game to this role. He even convinced me that he owned that chair and yes he added a bit of the sexy. ( The actor's mother, Marilyn, is in a wheelchair as the result of multiple sclerosis.)
 There has been a number of reboots of late that I haven't seen and didn't want to see. But I thought this was a pretty good reboot of an old classic. Well done

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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