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Welcome to another WWW. Today’s wisdom deals with book promotion. I have a few books now under my belt that I’ve self-published and I’m working hard to get the word out to potential readers and critics.
Self-promotion of India books isn’t anything new. Although self-publishing been around for some time, it’s still a huge undertaking for most new authors to get our books seen by the general public.  It’s hard enough trying to get a review from a big-name book critic.  And don’t even get me started on how to attract traditional media coverage — ugh!
The right promotion is a critical part of the life of your book.  Every author knows that positive reviews are a central component of building buzz.  It’s simple math. 1+1= 2.  Reviews generate buzz that produces more readers which could grow your sales.
So how do you go about getting those knowledgeable independent reviewers to write about your book? Of course you should always encourage anyone that reads your book on Amazon to write a customer review, but what other options are out there besides Amazon?
You could go to places like Digital Books Today, Kirkus, Self-Publishing Review and others, but if you are like me you don’t have the funds to pay for reviews. Hey don’t get disheartened, there are other places you can go to get wonderful reviews.
Goodreads is a great place for authors. Once you get an author’s page and post your books. You will gain access to their massive audience of book lovers. It’s a great free place to promote your books, show off video and much more.
Got a blog? Every author should know the benefits of having a blog by now. Why don’t you submit your blog on BookBloggerDirectory It’s the number one place to submit your blog link.  More and more book blogs are created every day, and this is a tool that publishers, authors and other book bloggers use to find your blog, thus your books.
The Indie Review, not a review site itself, but a great resource with links and contacts for book reviewers and blogs that highlight self-published literature.
My favorite tool is the personal reader blogger. There are thousands of people who are combing their love for books with their love of blogging. The numbers of these types of blogs are growing every day. Those avid readers would be more than happy to receive a request for a review. It’s simply a win, win situation for you both. It adds content to their blog and you get a review posted on Amazon to add to your standings.
Don’t think that you have to pay for a good review.  Just a few hours scouting around on the internet and I found these sites, I’m sure there are many others that cater to the Indie Authors.
There are many options out there for an independent author to promote their books and each day the ways are growing. Since we are our own publicity team it’s left up to us to stay informed. This is just one way. I will be posting other ways in the coming WWW. See you next time.

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