Cookies, I was just here for Molly’s cookies.

I didn’t care that the book club was reading 50 Shades of Gray, for the second time. Didn’t care if they loved the poorly written story or that everyone thought the movie would be so great. I was just here for the cookies. 

When I entered my oldest friend Molly's home, I took in a deep breath hoping to smell her delicious treats, but the house didn’t even have a hint of doughy goodness in the air.

I took my seat next to Dari, who was rambling on and on about the main character and how handsome he sounds. Yet all I was wondering was why there weren’t any cookies!

I sipped on my bitter tea, frowning and rolling my eyes at Molly. She kept cutting her eyes at me. I knew she could tell I was annoyed .  She finally turned to me and sighed heavily. “I said I was sorry Michele, but my doctor told me to cut down on my sweets.”
Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin