Standing on the precipice in contemplation
 The four children to the Wind beckon.
 In their soft whispers voices
 Beseeching, to step over the abyss

Stepping forward to peer over the edge
 Heart thumping with trepidation
 Don’t look down, look up to the Sky
Its sovereign beauty luminous

With anticipation, imagination
With wings, rising
 Step over the edge.
Take off.

Take flight!
Wing, Flutter
Soaring, Fleeing
Take to the skies.

On the Wind for an instance

Drifting In Freedom

Falling, tumbling
Descending, dropping
Gravity, like a rock

Free falling.
 Cuddled in the Wind
Whispered laughter
Her children mocking

Reaching for the Sky
Claim he will not

Earth opens her arms sweetly.

She asks why?
The reply
One day I’ll Fly

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin