The Oak

I stand next to an Oak tree

Feeling its strong presence
Touching the texture of its bark
  The grooves and pathways,
Seeking the wisdom of its centries
Sentry in this field
Witin the rough and the smooth

The knowledge I have not
 opens me to its  enlighten
Whispers  in the hushed of the breeze

Centuries, sentry in this field
Watching beings pass unaware
Or simply stare, not one
seeking or thinking I’m cognizant

Yet, this being before me,
examining her from within,
and without, excites
Her years spent in search
touching, seeking, the wisdom
of nature , spirit  and earth
 for enlightenment

In that moment
Two spiritual beings
Yearning, seeking,
Offering, accepting  
Entwine connecting
In spiritual harmony
Exchange what's lacking

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin