Sunday Afternoon

A strong spring breeze
Flutters  white curtains of an open window
rays of a noonday sun
brighten the room with a raspberry hue
Saturating it in honeysuckle scent
Read and discarded
 Sunday’s paper scatters across the wooden floor
Suddenly a page takes flight, gracefully falling
Contrary with the  soft sounds of smooth jazz
Soiled dishes  cold coffee
Silent flashes of cellphones
waits on the nightstand abandon
Beside an unmade bed
In delighted bliss
 prone on the littered floor
a bead of sweat rolls
cool down an exposed back,
Peacefully , resting across  a warm chest in sync,
The rhythm of one heartbeat
Sleep takes hold,  drifting softly
Hearing  knocking at the door,
ringing of the bell
 no one stirs to let the world
Intrude on our Sunday afternoon 

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin