Six Sentence Sunday

This week, six sentences are  from my in edit novel Inheritance  
It's the first of my Paranormal suspense series, Abraham's Seed.

He was surfing, not with water and wind but with thoughts and patterns through the recess of someone’s  mind. He was very good at surfing, looking into peoples' minds to find their secrets,  their inner thoughts. He started surfing tonight looking for a certain signature. People have patterns to their thoughts, most are random, haphazard thoughts of nothing of any significance. But then there are the  ones with a purpose, planned and calculated. It’s on the random thought patterns that he surfs  the unconscious mind, where the blocks that are usually up during purpose thought, can hinder the patterns, the wave. So he rides the waves of an errant  thought current, using it to guide him to his mark.  

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin