Lovely Nights

 Friday Fright Night
Tonight's installment comes from my book of short stories called  Mental

       Lovely Nights
    by Glynis Rankin

  “Isn’t it a lovely night, Richard?”
Julie asks sitting peacefully on their veranda, sewing. The moon shinned brightly on this mid-summer night, casting long indistinct shadows on the open field from the thick forest.  Their cottage home was the only dwelling within a hundred miles. She often called their home her peaceful woodland heaven. However, Richard her husband of fifteen-years, saw it only as a place where they could raise a few animals and grow a fine crop of corn to provide for them in this tough economy.
Julie loved this place and spent her evenings siting on the veranda enjoying nature while she sewed or read a good book. The homesome peace allowed her mind to wander and she often imaged all kinds of wonderful things happening within the forest, magical things like those she read in her books.
Richard, on the other hand, having worked all day in the field and in the barn with the animals found his serenity in the muddling’s within the 40 inch flat screen television that took up an entire wall. Mindless entertainment often held him enthralled for hours. Reality shows, sports, dramas, whatever caught his eye; he would sit in his recliner mesmerized with his HD programing.    
 The white noise, from the goggle-box she called it, streamed from the inside to slice into her peace outside, but it has never intruded on her tranquil universe. They’ve always been this way, opposites, separate, but in love until.
 Recently Julie had notice that Richard’s attentions have gone …wayward. The television no longer held him enthralled though out his evenings. That honor was taken by a sandy brown hair girl name Susan Ann. Julie wasn’t concern with his infatuation, not at first. But when Richard started spending more time in town than at home, she got suspicious and followed him. That’s when she found them together at a hotel under his as husband and wife. She wasn’t upset, that he had found someone else, just disappointed.  She never spoke about his infidelity, and never will.  
 Characteristically, watching television Richard had ignored Julie’s comment as usual.  Therefore, she put down her sewing to walk inside. She wore a pleasant smile on her face when she stood in front of him to ask.
“Should I change the channel?”
Richard mumbles, furiously. However, as much as he tried, he couldn’t uttered a single word because Julie had sutured his lips closed. She had also penned his eyes opened with thick safety pens and stitched securely into his favorite recliner. Comfortably, imprison for the night, Julie had inscured that Richard would enjoy his goggle-box.
“Here, let me moisten those eyes.”   She said smiling.
 Julie simply loves these lovely peaceful nights at home alone.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin