Slowly creeping through this world
 unaware, changeless
 To my surroundings
Structurally dissimilar from you

In my wandering
Not yet an adult
I feed on plants
You, a carnivore

A caterpillar
  Cradled in your warmth
 Nourished with your love,
I became a sessile, affixed to your
Sensual base

Partaking only of you
Your sex, my food
 Supplying an appetite
You matured, perverted

Detached me
 Released me
Made me your fool
When you left me
 I started spinning

A Pupa
Inactive, nonfeeding
Sobbing, remembering
The love, the laughs
The words, the pain
The heartache, the shame
your end game

Cocooned from the world
 I underwent internal changes
 Fundamental reshaped
My thoughts, my person
Transforming myself
  within the chrysalis
of my despair

A Butterfly emerged
spreading my gossamer-wings
 I fly free, no longer bound
In my sorry and tears
Soaring high, I touched the sky

A new creature in a new world
Thoughts of you dispersed
In the changing of the winds
 Created by my new found wings

Copyright © 2013-14 Glynis Rankin