Six Sentence Sunday

    With my first book of short stories, The Between, ready to be published later this month, I   decided to post from a book that I plan to get published next. I hope that this little snippet will wet your palate for the rest.                              

                 Saving For a Rainy Day

It didn't take her long to realize that the man standing in the shadows was not her lover but me. She was so surprised that she didn't at first see the gun.
" What the hell are you doing here Jonathan," she asks indignant, like I was the one who had ruined her life. As if, I was the one having an affair with her best friend. 
" You're supposed to be at work,...  ah, what's with that gun, eh," she added, keeping her fearful eyes on it as she went back to recover her clothes?
 I stood there with that gun in my hand, ready to end my nightmare, ready to end six years of marriage. Seemingly in control, but my hand was shaking like I had palsy, because in  some small way I still loved Sheeny.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin