A Change in the Wind

I just wanted to say something about all the reports in the news about how women are being victimized here and aboard. It makes me sick, that in this millennium we, as women, are still dealing with being treated like second class citizens.

When a Presidential candidate was more focused on a woman's womb then  what was best for this country, I knew this had gone too far, but now with all of these reports about women being raped with the same old excuse being thrown out, by both women and men. They victimized the women again, that's when I became outraged.

We have to take up the banner of justice ladies as a united front, both conservatives and liberals, because no man will fight for what the majority believe is their moral right to abuse.

               A Change in the Wind
Absolved of his crime of rape
Blameless for his actions of womanly hate

Criminal, he will never be called.
Debauchery within this male dominated society,
giving license, where the protectors are, themselves the perpetrators

Evolution will be these men downfall, when mothers, daughters, sisters and girls unite
with a common goal.
Feminist power will rule in the end, just you wait.

Guiltless no more, courts believing she tempted them
Hatred of the womb, their only defense.

Immoral are you, who wallow in this sin
Justice will have its say; women power will rule one day
For I feel there is a change in the wind.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin