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                 This is Tanya Black, user name,Tanya 77. Her avatar can be seen everywhere on Bookrix opening a new thread to offer wise advice, general information or  a link to aid a newbie and others ,about something she found on the web. I’ve gotten to know Tanya just a bit and I found her to be one of those rare people you met that steals your heart away with their kindness and good-humor nature. I have to say, I was so happy she decided to grant me this interview, so I might learn just a bit more about her.

 Tanya was born in Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean. At sixteen she left school to find work, and doesn’t recommend that to any young person, but Tanya has never let that decision hinder her thrust for knowledge in all its forms. She is a strong advocate for education and will advice any young person; she comes across,  to remain in school. “Learn as much as you can,” Is her just one of her credo to anyone at any age.Her favorite saying is, ‘ we are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master’ (Hemingway)   

Tanya is self taught, looking something up whenever she needs it. She found that learning this way is much faster for her then going through writing courses. She told me that writing never crossed her mind, until last December. “I read the Twilight series and saw all the negative comments and thought, ‘If she could do it why not try.”   Like most writers, she's always in her head daydreaming of the next story that’s crowding its way to the top. She said that for now, writing is just a hobby, but would like to someday self publish one of her stories. She found herself reading romance novels after school and has too many favorite authors to name, but her favorite book is Jayne Eyre.
Tanya hasn’t won any awards or competitions, but in several Bookrix endorsed competitions, she came in second in the Steampunk and Coffee Shop contests and third in the Werewolves contest, within Bookrix many groups forums.Tanya still lives on Malta with her husband and three small children and she’s in the process of writing her first novel. “It’s hard!”

Author's Choice
The Puppet
She told me she had the most fun writing this book, it also came in second place in Bookrix CoffeeShop contest Famous for a Page.

This story is about her friends at  Bookrix 
I really enjoyed your story. It kept my full attention from beginning to end.

My Favorite Book
Going Home
I love this story about our desire to remain in the familiar and our natural desires to explore the unknown

A man wishes to go back home, after a traffic accident.

A short story filled with yearning and retrospection.
Short and sweet, but still poignant. Good description. I like it. Makes me sigh.
That was lovely, Tanya

Tanya  Black is as skill a craftsman as any I've come across, I can promise you, you will not be disappointed reading any of her work. 

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