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This is John C. Laird (user name Alsam2) and he isn't just another handsome face. He is one of the most read  and well received authors on Bookrix. and  the voice sounding in many of the author's head when they find themselves lost. He was raised in Michigan, but attended college in California. John wanted to become a history teacher, but not having the temperament he embarked on a 30 year career in  law enforcement  that took him from Michigan to New Mexico. Always the avid reader, John began writing in high school and his first two years of college. As with most things Life and living relegated his love of writing to the back burner for many years. But just two years ago he decided to get serious about his former love and took a writing course to shake off the rust of many years of inactivity. John told me," it was just as I remembered, I still loved writing." 
 John has been published in the Storyteller Magazine and a winner of  the Writing on Walls Anthology contest and was awarded first place in the Silver Quill Society Best Short Fiction 2011, as well as a two time winner of the AuthorStand competitions. 
John is now  semi-retired living in Rio Rancho, NM with his wife, two teenage children, a dog and a cat.
He derived his username from the names of his two children Alexandra ( Al) and Samuel (Sam) voila! Alsam2 

Author's Choice: 
Going Home
This book is close to John's heart because, he said,  it costed him the most in blood, sweat and tears while writing it. It's also the most popular among those who have read his growing list of extended work.

Following a terrorist bombing at a crowded sports arena, a young woman is trapped in the rubble, dying and alone. Someone sees her, stops and stays with her until the end...

A masterpiece! I was moved deeply by this:-)
A truly touching and realistic story.

My favorite Book:
The Camera
I simply love this story of love, lost and something more. It's a wonderful blend of mystery and the paranormal that left me gasping at the end.
Since the violent death of his wife, depression had pushed Justin to the edge of the abyss; insanity was calling from the darkness. Would finding an old camera and its images push him over the edge? Maybe...


How DO you do it, John? This is incredible. I loved every word of it.
It was a wonderful read, so much pain in love expressed in this short that I found myself crying.
Picture perfect

 I know you will love these books and all the books in Alsam's collection so check them out.

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