The clouds
 Suddenly turned gray,
 Darken my sunny skies

The wind gusted.
I  hid in anticipation
 Of the tension
In his downpour

Thunder roared and lightning struck,
 Quaking my insides
But it was the rain,
My bane, that
 Chilled me to the core. 

 Pitter, patter,
It came down
Peppering me
 Brown with its pattern

I don’t know why
I even  try
There’s nothing here  
To keep me dry

So it rains on me
But I don’t want to be here
Crying bitter tears
Because of  his fears

 This ain’t right
 I’m not a woman, rife
I’m tired of this strain

Time to stop
 His precipitation
In my life

Copyright ©Glynis Rankin

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