Elora the werewolf baby (WerePups)

Child Services found eight year old Helen May in a closet, abandon and starving, her eyes wild, and frighten as they coached her out.
 They charged her mother Glenda May with negligent and cruelty, but she pleaded drug abuse as the culprit of her carelessness. They sentenced her to six years, but she sought treatment and found religion, and got released after four for good behavior. Then she went into hiding.

They put Helen into a good home. She was cared for and nurtured, but after high school, her Christian values compelled her to seek out her mother and forgive her of her past sins. She loaded her belongs in a car and went in search of Glenda.

It took her years but Helen found her mother in a southwestern town working as a waitress. The reunion was awkward;
 "How in the hell did you find me?" Glenda yelped.
"I wanted to forgive you for what you did to me."
"Forgive me?" Glenda laughed."Why are you really here?"
"I wanted to get to know you?"
 She refused the child’s offer to reconcile. "I don't want nothing to do with you!"

 Helen persisted, she came to the dinner night and day to win her mother's love, yet Glenda continued to reject her.
 One day Glenda saw for the first time, the loneliness and despair she had herself,in the eyes of her child. "I guess we can talk, but I ain't promising nothing"

Soon, Glenda was opening her home to Helen, a child she had abused for reasons she'd never tell anyone. Their reconnection had taken a long time but both mother and daughter finally welcomed their association.

They were a family reunited in love, until one faithful night during a full moon in the season of All Hallows Eve. When Glenda was caught unaware,by something she had dreaded for years. She woke to find herself trapped by a creature she had spawned from a night of drunken passion.

A man of pure primal lust had led her astray on All Hallows Eve, twenty years ago. Into the woods she followed him like a lamb to the slaughter. They made love, and then she watched him change into a creature in the glow of the full moon light. The creature glared at her, long teeth baring. It sniffed at her once then twice before running off into the woods.

 The next day the test showed that she was two weeks pregnant, but by that evening she was too far along to abort.  So she had the creature, but kept it tucked away to save others, while she drowned herself in drugs and booze.

Her child didn't eat her fast; instead she bit off Glenda piece by piece every day until the moon changed. "I'm sorry Mom!"
Helen left her mother tied to the bed and never came back.

Days later, the police found Glenda abandon and staving, eyes wild and frighten. They gagged at the saw that half her flesh was torn apart, eaten. When they tracked Helen down four weeks later, she was halfway across the country.

She pleaded mental illness as the culprit of her human feeding. Glenda asked for the death penalty but they sentenced Helen to ten years at an mental institution for evaluation and drug therapy. They deemed her cured after five, releasing Helen in time for All Hallows Eve.

The wolf child smiled as she went in search for her mother who was somewhere hiding.

Happy Halloween!!!

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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