Snip-it Sunday/ Blue Yonder

 This week's  Snip-it Sunday comes from my book of short stories Linger and other short stories. available at all the major Ebook sellers.

Excerpt from the  Blue Yonder
One woman puts the age old question to the test. 'What would you do in the name of love?' Her answer just might surprise you.


A deep sigh escaped me as well as any hope to glimpse beyond the deep Blue Yonder. I turned from the compelling expanse to face my faith, the house in red, black, and white.
I didn't hear the police tell me to stop and get on the ground. I never felt them manhandle me to the icy sand, placing me in handcuffs.

At that moment a flash crossed my awareness of sailing toward the Blue Yonder and its quiet peace while snuggled deep inside David's embrace.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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