Morning Glory/ Story Poem

Marlboro smoke thick circles the room
 in a haze of light and shades
sex fills it with excess.
 He inhaled my surplus in a waft,
 heaving and wheezing,  my neglect.
 Cheap perfume over funk
I pour myself a Scotch
waiting for him to leave.

My 3 o’clock, it’s way after four.
 I got to pee clean my cock
 for the next jock,
but this nigger won’t go.

 He’s wasting my
time on his thin dime.
Laying sprawled
on the bed, like he ain’t heard.

Another pull and I’m ready to blow.
“You got to go!”
He doesn’t move when I cross the room.

“Hey!” I say.
 Then that yellow flow and recognizable stench.
 “Ah Shit!” I down my Scotch, cleaned him out, killed my cig
  grabbed my shit and bounce.

 Leaving him to his morning glory

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin

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