100WCGU/ Heat

Toxic Love

The Black mushroom cloud
 Filling up my Blue Sky

You blew in like the acid wind,
Disrupting my system
Sending shockwaves
 Through my life in a haze

You brought fire and heat
 To my inner peace
Brown eyes, smoldering my desires
 flash burned my need

Your toxic touch scorched
 Bore holes in my soul
Keloid my opened wounds
Yet I wasn't aware, or just didn't care

My heart didn't recognize the poison
Seeping into my organs
Proliferated in your lies

The inner bleeding unseen
You'd become the cancer
That no other can heal

 When you left, I felt
The back blast, a vacuum
 That sucked up what
Was left of me

( Sorry this poem is hundred and eleven words. I hope that's okay? I couldn't round it out any other way.)

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin