Black Science Fiction Radio Presents

Tonight on Genesis Science Radio  will be the award wining married duo of Steven Barnes, the author of "The Outer Limits, "The New Twilight Zone," " Andromeda) and his lovely wife ( one of my favorite authors) Tananarive Due, author of  the African Immortals Series, "My Soul to Keep," and " The Living Blood."  

Steven Barnes is a Hugo Award nominee. He has written episodes  for Outer Limits and Baywatch as well as for  Stargate  and Andromeda. This African American science fiction writer, lecturer, creative consultant and human performance technician wrote his first novella in 1979 with fellow Sci-Fi author Larry Niven.
He is the author to the Dream Park series featuring live action role-play games. The Aubry Night series,Heorot Series, ( The legacy of Heorot, The children of Beowulf's Children) and Insh Allah series (Lion's Blood and Zula's heart). But he is probably best known for his Tennyeson Hartwick novels that he co-wrote with his wife and good friend Blair Underwood.

Tananarive Due is also an award winning author. She has been nominated for the Bram Stoker award for her novels  The Between ( her first novel) and  My Soul to Keep. Her story the Good House was in the process of becoming a Major Motion Picture. Her book the Living Blood,  the second book in her African Immortal Series, won The American Book Award.  Best known for her African Immortal Series, she has also written  mysteries and speculative novels. She is also the co-author of the Tennyeson Hartwick novels.

The couple will probably talk about their short film called Danger Word which is based on the short story, which led to their two collaborative novels Devil's Wake and Domino Falls set in the same universe.
This film is about a 13-year-old girl and her grandfather who have survived the Zombie plague in his wooden cabin--and how her birthday goes badly awry.

 Check out this clip!

I'm a huge fan of Tananarive, HUGE, and I can't wait to listen to the broadcast and hear what they have to say about their books and this new project of theirs.