Debt (Departure)

 Black birds flew high in the morning sky, covering the sun like a thick dark shawl, blocking its light.  I felt   like  my soul lost its light too, as you drove us away smiling, releasing the dirt that covered the road.

 You were talking to me, but  I said nothing while tears ran down my face.  I was turned around  staring out the back window of your pickup at the home I shared  with a family who thought of me as nothing, but commodity.

You spoke  words I  couldn’t hear, words that fell on the dirty floor of your truck.  I turned around, watching as my home got  smaller inside the brown dirt cloud, in the side mirror, my heart breaking. I felt like nothing, wanting to hide in that black hole that covered the sun as the birds flew over. 

What was wrong with me, that Papa hated me so,  I thought. What did I do to make him sell me like a piece of meat?  

As the sun reappeared, I made up in my mind than if Papa  hated me, than I would hate him too.

Copyright © 2013-14 Glynis Rankin
Debt Part One