Six Sentence Sunday #7

This week's  Six Sentence Sunday is from my ' in the editing process' novel 
Saved For A Rainy Day 
 This is a suspense drama that is centered around one man's downward spiral into the unknown. I hope you will enjoy this week's snippet. The picture is a possible cover background.
Chapter One
pg 6

Placing the truck in park, I stared up at the large black iron gates that marked the entrance of the cemetery. I got out to walk the few steps to the gate, holding the key that the grounds keeper made for me.  I unlocked the gate’s thick chains, letting it fall to the ground, while struggling to push one side of the heavy frame open wide enough to drive the truck through its ingress. I was winded by the time I returned to the truck to drive it inside the cemetery grounds. Finally at the end, I thought excited, jumping back out to close the gate. Thus far, every aspect of my plan has come off without a hitch.
 This plan was in place a month ago, however I had to make sure every detail was exact, even down to what I would wear. 

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