Friday Fright Night

When I was young, my family often rented movies on Friday and Saturday nights. Most of the time it was something my brothers wanted to watch and they were often scary. After the movie, I would wait for my older sisters to go to bed, because I was too scared to go into that dark room by myself.

 It's a childhood memory that I still laugh about to this day, although most of the Meta-horror films and television shows aren't of the same caliber of those in horror heyday. I still like to laugh at the Meta-horror films that the industry has put out.

 I was thinking, since I like to watch a bit of horror on Fridays, why not write a bit of horror.  With that in mind, I decided to start something new, well I think it’s new, on my blog.
I'm calling it Friday Fright Night.

So each Friday I will, hopefully, post something with a bit of fright. It might be a poem, a chapter from one of my books or just a Dabble.
Since tonight is Friday here is the first installment.

The Chair


I held James against my beating heart searching for his in the night. Dark eyes stared into mine, a slight curve of his lips made me smile. His weight, heavy against me felt comforting felt nice.  I kissed a face both pale and sweet while his strong hand gripped mine, draining what’s left of me.

Steam rose like a delicate flower opening, encircling us in eternal love where we laid spent on the bedroom floor. Thick and sticky, life pooled then cooled as Moonlight glistened off the blood stained blade still heavy in my hand.

Soaked in shame, tears streamed from pain.  I took the life of my love because his I couldn't claim as my own as sirens rang our sad song.

So give me the chair for my mortal sin.  No court of appeal, no plea of insanity, and no last hour pardon can save this wretch that’s me.

When my hour comes don’t’ have mercy don’t linger, just strap me in tight and give me electricity until it takes me away from here. Because I want to find my love once again in the pits of hell.

Copyright © 2013 Glynis Rankin