Book Clubs

I was never one for clubs. Although I was on many teams, clubs were to me, about those strange people who wanted to keep the world at bay. “I belong to a club," sounded so separative and highbrow, making me feel like I didn't belong.   I was always too open and free to ever want to be a part of anyone's club, but becoming a member of a book club is different.

A book club refers to a reading group, more so than a club. It’s a collection of readers who participate in the regular discussion of books. Traditionally, a book club consists of several members who meet in person each month to talk about a specific book. However, with the advent of web forums and email, they have made it possible for book clubs to exist online. Allowing, both traditional and online book clubs to offer readers the opportunity to participate in spirited discussions on a selective book.

Book Clubs are also a great way for Indie authors to get their Novels in the hands of avid readers. The book club reader is in tune with how a good book should read. If you're only using cousin Bob who reads the Sunday Newspaper every week, to critique your books. He might not know what to look for and perhaps not even finish the book. However, a book club has been during this for a while, it is what they do.

Clubs are heavens for natural critics. They do normally, what others will struggle to achieve. They read the book in their entirety taking notes, while formulating their thoughts as they go along the way, very much similar a book critics. They will critique the book, not the author, like cousin Bob, who will compliment his cousin's work.

If you wrote a book on the French Revolution, a book club will summaries and analysis how your particular book treated the subject of the French Revolution. They will give you their pros and cons of the story without bias.

 They can give a clear review, because that is how their minds work. If it sucked, they'll tell you why they didn't like the book and where in the story it was unclear.  If they liked it, they'll point out what the author did to keep them reading or what was the ultimate reason to make them want to continue reading the book. All very valuable information, that you just can't buy, well you can, but who has a million dollars.

Book Clubs are separative and highbrow groups, but they are an invaluable resource for the Indie Author of today. I advise any author to go out and find themselves a local book club or join one online. They generally have Show and Tell, when members can bring their favorite titles, old and new, to share with their bibliophilic friends. That’s the time you hawk your wares.

Join  one today and become a part of the many wonderful book clubs out there, and see how these avid readers can help any Indie Author grow their brand.


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