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The velveteen blackness engulfed me in its folds,
as a sudden breeze sprung up, chilling the night skies.
The silence awoke, with a loud shriek, as an owl hooted with its kill.
Growing into a gust, the wind hissed; then moaned in the gloom.
Something moved to my right, chilling me with fright.
Just the wind, I thought when it moved again.
Just the wind, stirring the bushes and trees in its gales.
I squinted to see, though the velveteen. “Who’s there,” I yelled in the night.
However, no sound in response, except the howl of the wind.
Yet, the night moved again.
A shiver ran my spine, at the sight of the unnatural thing, as it revealed its self to me.
What I saw chilled my blood.
This thing, a purple black smudge for skin, stood tall against the blue black of the night.
My scalp seemed to crawl, then tighten, as it held me in its hollow stare.
I don’t know how long it held me frozen in its coal gaze;
 but when it released me, I felt liquid and sated.
I watched amazed, as it crouch, before scurrying away.
It disappeared in the night,  calling out my name in the moaning of the wind.

copyright@2013 Glynis Rankin