Flash Fiction Contest

I've been strolling through the internet trying to find writing sites that might help me improve my writing skills. When I happen to come across  Flash Fiction Chronicles, a blog devoted to the art of the short story.  There goal is to help in the growth of quality short stories and Flash Fiction for writers and readers, by discussing the art and craft of writing Flash Fiction.

They are having their fifth annual String-of-10 Flash Fiction Contest. The basic is they will  give you 10 words and you have until Saturday Feb 9 to submit a  250 words or less short story, that seamlessly incorporates at least four of the 10 words.

There is no cost to enter the contest, and the prizes include money, publication, t-shirts , books and other cool stuff. The best thing about this contest is that you can enter up to two times. This was my first year entering  and I found it to be a wonderful mental exercise, that sparked my creative mojo.

You can go to Flash Fiction Chronicles to find out the official rules, the prompt words and any other information.
Why not take the challenge, good luck!
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