This quote was attributed to Guillaume Apollinaire:

A friend of mine asked this question in a form.  She wanted to know if I agreed with the writer/poet and if so why or why not?  My answer was yes, I agreed with the poet. We can be so engrossed in the pursuit of what we perceive will make us the happiest that we can end up neglecting the everyday happiness that sustain us.

This statement had me thinking about my own pursuit of happiness, getting my story published, and how I had neglected the things, I’ve always enjoyed in my life. The simple things like seeing the sunrise or set, the warmth of the sun on my skin after a long swim. The pleasure of walking in the park among the whispering trees watching the colorful leaves falling around me, or the comfort of hearing birds singing in the silent of the day. The things that make us happy everyday are the ones that support us. The happiness and joy of being among family and friends keep us from falling or sinking too deeply in our goals forever lost within seeking success. 

Is this pursuit of getting my book published worth neglecting the many happy days that comes before my happiness arrives?
I say no, we must be balance in this pursuit, or that day of happiness will fall short.