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I've been greatly honored to be granted an interview with this author. I’ve read a few of her books and wondered often about her particular story. You know her user name as simply Chrisc, but the simplicity in her name hardly reflects the hard work and dedication to the craft that she has bestowed, as well as encouraged, in the younger members at Bookrix and to assist in their development to become great writers. Christine Clark is a co-moderator of the YoungWriters, which is linked to their sister groups ArtWriters and BetterWriters. Once you get to know just a little bit more about this incredible giving and loving woman, wife, mother, and carer perhaps you will understand her love for this site.

 The second oldest of four children, Chris was born in Walsall Wood, England. She tells me that her love for books and reading started when she was just a child. She adored reading any type of fiction, but basically, she said, “I readily digested Enid Blyton’s stories, especially ‘The Secret Seven’ and ‘The Famous Five’ books which seemed brimming with adventures.” Coined the author of Adventure, Enid Blyton wrote stories about wonderful escapades, that a young Chris sought in her imaginations. As Chris developed into more adult stories she became more critical of the books she read, saying, “I would read the first chapter and then turn to the end of the book. I became disheartened if the ending was not as I envisaged it, and abandoned the book.” We've all done that a time or two, but with maturity comes wisdom, and Chris realized that her criticism stem from a desire. Deep down she had stories inside her; she secretly aspired to be a writer. But understanding the skill and hard work that’s needed to create a story, Chris doubted her ability to craft an endearing tale that would appeal to others.

 Fighting her reservations of inability, Chris went with her heart. She understood it would be hard work, but she had the imagination and the drive, now all she needed was the skill set. Chris started simple, deciding to hone her many ideas and secure help with editing her grammar, by taking a children’s writing course to assist her with those areas. But unfortunately, she told me, she was unable to complete the course due to family illness and bereavement.

 Although she didn’t finish the course, all was not lost for our fledging; she was still determined to follow her heart, armed with one complete and one unedited story, Chris took a leap of faith. The World Wide Web was at her fingertips, the super highway offered her an avenue, so she searched for a site where she could showcase her work and found her way to Bookrix, which offered her all that she searched for and so much more.

 It didn’t take Chris long to find herself in a community of people, that she never met, willing to offer to edit her work, share writing tips and listen to her insecurities while also boosting her confidence to continue to write. Chris never thought that her writing aspiration would foster a home, but that is what Bookrix has become. “I’ve been so honored to work alongside a great team of moderators in the YABW.” In 2011, Chris became a joint First place winner in the Mystery Writer contest held on Bookrix.

 Chris open and loving heart, didn’t just start here on Bookrix, it’s a lifestyle. It takes someone with patience  in their spirit, love in their heart and kindness as their nature to work for twenty years with people with learning and physical disabilities and associated behavioral problems. Chris met, and married a wonderful man in a quiet ceremony with close family members in Greta Green Scotland. She left that incredible rewarding work just one week before her son was born, that shows her dedication for her occupation. She has two children, both of whom have special needs, which God has gifted into her loving arms.

 Chris has retired to care for her children; but she lives in South Staffs with her husband, surrounded by her extended family and loving friends. She is in the process of writing a poem and story for the Peacock Writers, a children charitable book, for their next publication.

Author' Choice:
The Joint Winner in the Mystery group in 2011
Book of the week in Dec 2011 Bookrix Newsletter. 

The moral of this story is to show compassion and politeness to anyone, regardless of their status as you never know when or how it will be returned.

Thank you for such a wonderful story!
 It warmed my heart and put a smile on my face if we believe anything is possible
The entertaining of angels and those blessings flow when nothing is ever expected in return....lovely
I loved it! It had a little bit of everything in it-crime, mystery, suspense, and a happy ending.
From the Author
 ‘A Christmas Spirit’  gives me the ‘feel good’ factor when I look at it."   

  My Favorite

Blurb:Janie has lost both parents to Cancer and is so distraught that she will also share the same fate, that she pushes a close friend away. Can she let him know her true feelings before fate takes a hand?
Are you going to write more??? 
You did a wonderful job,  good read

I could have chosen any number of her books, but this was the first one I've ever read and I still love it.
 Chris Clark is a wonderful story teller that let her heart shines in every book, you will not be disappointed taking a look at her collection.

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