Open Season (For Trayvon Martin)

It’s Open Season yet again
The young prey in his natural habitant
Roams, uninhibited, vulnerable and unsuspecting
of the heartless hunter on the prowl
 Stocking his prey, the hunter hunts in the dark, lurking in the shadows.  


Stun, the prey screams out as
he falls down bloody helpless, in great pain to the ground

He yells out for help watching his hunter approach
Lights come on around him but no one comes to aid

The hunter stands over his prey giddy
The prey pleads helplessly


The hunter has his prize to mount on his wall
A license to kill, like his fathers father before him,

How long will this go on?
How long will killing of a black person is no crime at all?
How long will this person go unpunished?
How long before Trayvon find his justice?
How long?

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