Open Window

 She stood in the shadows as the crowd gathered. Their hushed shock drifted up like a dark cloud from the busy streets as the deformed body of Claude Richardson lay face down on the pavement, a life of wantonness and deceit ending brutally.

  The artist was almost too charming to kill.

She’d played the role of his dream woman to get close enough to elegantly dispatch him — with a push out the open window.

She turned from the gruesome, marking him from the list.

She walked past the crowd, climbed the stairs to the train heading southbound on route 66.     

100 words

Copyright © Glynis Rankin


  1. Killer for hire? Creepy - in a good way

  2. I like how you've positioned her at the scene after the event, and gone backwards to tell the story. And her future is mapped out, too. Not sure I should want her to make it - she is a murderer - but I do.

  3. Dear Glynis,

    Creepy little cold-blooded killer that.



  4. I wonder who else is on her list.



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